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The App

About Us

Our Mission 

Dating is hard and meaningful connections are even harder. Zyve takes the pressure off of dating by allowing matches to get to know each other through games. It’s a lot easier if we ask “what are you looking for in a relationship” than if you do. This way people can enjoy learning about someone, instead of worrying about the weight of carrying a conversation. Real connections are about who you are on the inside. Let’s bring that out through games.



Level 1

First enter Level 1. You don’t know the person very well, so Level one gives you the opportunity to play games to help get to know someone on a base level. You have the ability to play multiplayer smartphone games as well as conversation starters. You can play trivia together, answer riddles, and get to know a little bit about their life.

Level 2

Choose Level 2. The questions get deeper and more intimate. This is where you get to know more about each other's personal lives. In order for matches to move on to level 2, one person has to request access and the other has to accept. So two people can choose each other every step of the way.

Date Night

Where are you guys  going to go?

Finally at any point matches can choose to meet in real life. We encourage them to use our find a date feature based on both partners likes and interest. We understand planning dates are hard. Use our map to find the perfect date.

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